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The Dead Live at The Spectrum on 2009-05-01

Audio Preview

The Dead Live at The Spectrum on 2009-05-01

Set 1

1. Playin' in the Band >
2. Half Step Missippi Uptown Toodeloo >
3. New Speedway Boogie
4. Shakedown Street
5. Dupree's Diamond Blues
6. Too Hard to Handle
7. Friend of the Devil
8. Playin' in the Band

Set 2

1. Jam >
2. Jackstraw
3. Alligator >
4. Caution (Do Not Step on Tracks) >
5. Drums >
6. Space >
7. Loose Lucy
8. Comes a Time
9. Cold Rain and Snow >
10. Sugar Magnolia >
11. Sunshine Daydream
12. Crowd


13. Donor Rap
14. Box of Rain

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Venue The Spectrum
Location Philadelphia, PA

Source schoeps ccm4 and neumann tm 103 > edirol r44
Lineage audacity 4 > 2 track > cd wave editor > flac
Taped by marcus
Transferred by marcus


First of all, hi to all the friends I saw, and a special 2 thumbs up to my guys from the PD's Office, 4th Circuit of Florida. Great to see you both.

This was my first show of the tour. A couple preliminary notes:

The Spectrum staff did a great job with organization and security, nothing over the top, and everything under control. These guys are pros.

The Dead's crew did a solid job, very much enjoyed the lights, and the sound was fine on the floor.

Personally, I have seen a few GD shows. This isn't them. I tried to have an open mind and reasonable expectations. I was not overwhelmed by the first set. The second set, on the other ear, worked for me. I felt "it." I wasn't looking for it, but there it was. Thanks, and I hope all y'all enjoy this as much as I did.


Reviewer: UKDEADHEADKUWAIT - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 4, 2009
Subject: DONT BE A GODDAMN F-WIT!!!!!!
Its 2009
Its the dead
Its the Spectrum
Its Philly
Its gotta be awesome!!!
Its better than that
essential download
superb recording
Many thanks to the taper

Reviewer: hank29 - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 3, 2009
Subject: Lookin' forward to seeing them, BUT...
That show sounds great and an unbelievable job to the guys who get them up so quick.

The boys sound good, playing well. I'm counting the days to Shoreline.

But they absolutely destroyed (in the bad way) Dupree's Diamond Blues. Bobby and Warren need to stop swapping lyrics. It only led to their butchering of a song that depends so much on the lyrics.

I think either of them need to pick their songs and just sing the damn thing alone. What happened to Bobby just singing every other song? Is he afraid his voice won't last until the end of the tour?

I'm looking forward to finding out in 7 days.
Reviewer: AUGUST-WEST420 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 3, 2009
Subject: Quick post!!
Muchos kudos to the uploader of this one!Most all of these shows hit pretty quick,but damn this was like 10 hours after it ended!Right on! It sounds great too,and I am so stoked to hear the boys again!No!They're not the same,and will never be,but the spirit is there!That's what has kept it going on this long,and we heads,God Bless us,are a picking bunch of pricks sometimes!The negative criticism has taken a backseat,since these last few shows,to a renewed sense of acceptance.Just to think that this may never happen again,and will never at this venue after tonight,brings a lump in my throat and a tear to my eyes!We all are a part of something wonderful,historic,and for most of us,a lifelong pursuit of the "SOUND"!!Well I found it a long time ago,and this is definately a part of it,along with a few other bands,and it might not sound the same,or even feel the same,but I can still feel it!!Huge thanx to the tapers!!! PEACE,LOVE,AND THE GRATEFUL GODDAMN DEAD!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: gmart - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 2, 2009
Subject: great recording!
after listening to most if not all of the shows from this tour, im compelled to state that this is my favorite....Marcus, props to you and your rig, you have done a *great* job and im looking fwd to sat nites certainly captures the "wholeness" of a show..the band sounds great and you can feel the energy from the goodt ole spectrum...good times and thx for the efforts of all the tapers.
Reviewer: sueinphilly - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 2, 2009
Subject: 1 down 1 to go
Major Props to the provider of this show, less than 12 hours after it ended.

The band is HOT. There were a few meandering things that I will be interested to see how they sound 'on tape' vs live last night.

But the ENERGY was INTENSE. This old Spectrum was bubbling with life. I was on the floor and looking around at the entire building rocking together for 3+ hours brought a tear to my eye.

Can't wait for tonite.
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The Dead
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